North American International – Transit Protection Plan

North American International is committed to giving you peace of mind throughout your international relocation. You can be sure that when you trust your possessions to North American International, you know that we have the experience, expertise, and resources to carefully pack, wrap, and load your household goods for the rigor of international transportation.

Of course, the unexpected can happen. Any journey by air, road, or sea has associated risks of accidental loss and damage during the journey or handling at sea ports and airports and any customs inspections. That’s where the North American International Protection Plan comes in.

Under our plan, your household goods and personal effects will be comprehensively protected while they are in our care. As a result of our size and experience, the plan offers special advantages and benefits that are either excluded or additional elsewhere. For example, in the event that you need to make a claim, there is no deductible to pay and any claim is settled directly with our experienced claims team and not by an unrelated third party.

What happens if I don’t enroll in the Protection Plan?

We cannot stress the importance of protecting your international shipment through the plan. If you don’t and if something is lost or damaged, North American International assumes no liability.


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Completing the Proposal Form

North American International Protection plan offers two options – The Standard Plan and a Gold Plan:

Don’t deliberately under-value your possessions. You need to be aware that if you under-value your possessions, an ‘average” will apply to any claim. In simple terms, this means that if you value your possessions for half of their true replacement value, your claim will be reduced by half.

Gold Plan – Under the Gold Plan there is no need to list your complete household goods. Simply place a check mark next to the Gold Plan box and complete Sections E, R, and S of the Proposal Form. Your household goods will be then covered for repair or their full replacement value at destination. Value will be based upon $15.00/lb for sea / land and $20.00/lb. for air on the net weight of your goods plus the incremental value of items in excess of $4000 you have listed in Section E (shipments to/from Alaska please see the Declaration of Value document for additional details). Be sure to let us know if you feel the value we assign to your household goods is not sufficient to cover replacement at destination. The Gold Plan also includes cover for Pairs and Sets, Mold and Mildew, and Mechanical Derangement.

Standard Plan – Under the Standard Plan you determine the full replacement value of your possessions at destination. Please remember that the cost of replacement in the country that you are moving to may be significantly higher.

Moving room-to-room in your home, list the items in each room and then complete the detailed inventory included in this document with the value of each piece of furniture and groups of china, glass, ornaments, and other personal effects as illustrated below.

Section A - Electronic Components
Header Qty. Value $
Plasma TV 1 $3000
Other TVs 2 $500
Computer/Laptop/PC 1 $750

When items are grouped together, all will be considered to be of equal value. If one particular item is of a higher value, be sure to list it separately on the form or on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to this form. We recommend that you obtain appraisals on antiques and paintings for your protection.

Additional Options

Pairs and Sets – Under the Standard Plan, if one or more of a pair or set is lost or damaged, the plan will only cover the individual item – even though the set may now be incomplete. To include cover for pairs and sets, list the set and add the value of the dinner service, glasses, or ornaments to Section R – Pairs and Sets on the form. An additional premium is payable but this will ensure that if part of a pair or set, e.g., a dinner service, is lost or damaged, the entire set will be replaced or compensated if the items lost or damaged cannot be replaced.

Mechanical and Electrical Derangement – Under the Standard Plan your electrical items are covered in the event of external damage to the item. However, as a result of the movement experienced on vessels, trucks, or aircraft, the Standard Plan does not cover internal mechanical or electrical derangement. For example, if your computer, television or DVD player does not work and there is no damage to the exterior, you will not be compensated. To include protection for mechanical and electrical items, list the items and add the value of these items to Section S – Mechanical and Electrical Derangement. An additional premium is paid for this cover.

Mold & Mildew – Under the Standard Plan you are covered if damage is caused by ingress of water. However, dependent upon the climate at origin or destination, you should consider the additional option of cover for mold and mildew. Changes in air temperature and humidity can create conditions where this type of damage becomes a risk. This low cost option is an ideal way to protect any of your household goods and personal effects. Simply tick the box at the end of the form.

Summary of Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

What the Protection Plan Covers:

  • The Protection Plan covers all risk of loss or damage to household goods, furniture and effects subject to certain provisions and exclusions which are listed below. The detailed clauses and conditions applicable to the Protection Plan are available on request. Protection applies from the time the goods are collected from the named address and continues during the ordinary course of transit until delivered by the Mover and/or their Agents to the domicile or store at the named destination.
  • If you fail to value your effects for the full replacement value of goods at destination, you will only be entitled to recover the proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the total value of the property you shipped.

Principal Provisions and Exclusions

Refer to the Terms & Conditions on the next screen
  • Claims in respect of articles forming part of a pair or set are only recoverable for a proportionate part of the value of the pair or set unless additional protection is purchased, or if you choose the Gold Plan coverage.
  • Owner packed goods are not covered for loss, breakage, scratches, denting, etc. unless directly caused by fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, or an accident to the carrying conveyance.
  • The following items are not covered: jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones and metals, coins, money, securities, stamps, deeds, documents, foodstuffs, liquids, medicines, drugs, plants, and livestock, and unless previously agreed in writing, wines and spirits.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement unless additional protection is purchased, or if you choose the Gold Plan coverage.


The Transit Protection Plan includes storage protection for household goods for a total of 90 days at origin and/or destination.

The Storage Protection Plan will automatically be extended if it goes beyond 91 days. Your International Coordinator can provide you with what will be the monthly charge.

The Transit Protection Plan includes storage protection for motor vehicles for a total of 90 days at origin and/or destination.

The Storage Protection Extension is related to transit coverage only and does not apply to local costs for storage.


In the event of loss or damage, full details of the claim must be provided in writing to North American International within 30 days. Verbal notification to the delivery crew at the time of delivery does not constitute filing a claim.

A Claims Form can be requested from the address below or completed and submitted via our web-site or sent via fax or mail to:

North American International Claims Department

P.O. Box 988
Fort Wayne, IN 46801
1 260-429-3009
Toll Free:
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